Even though I’ve been a priest over twenty years, I certainly wasn’t born one.  Jesus Christ came into my life in a life-changing way when I was a teenager and my mother was ill with cancer. I began to see the value of a life guarded by faith, even if it didn’t give me all the results I wanted.

My core values are:

  • Being faithful to God as He is revealed in the New Testament
  • Praying honestly  — it moves us.
  • Praying fervently  —  it moves God.

I believe:

  • In the Bible. Be warned, the Bible says more than one thing about most subjects.
  • God’s Spirit works through us the best if we don’t care about who gets credit.
  • Jesus Christ is great, and He came to make men great.
  • Jesus Christ still heals… “Let it be done to you according to your faith.”
  • In maintaining the high standards of Scripture while being pastorally sensitive to those who find those standards difficult to live out.

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