Reaching for that special “Crunch”

This has been written about already, so I’m late to the show. But there was a creative Doritos advertisement during the Super Bowl that’s worthy of reflection.  It shows a pregnant mother getting an ultrasound. The father is there watching, too, holding a bag of Doritos chips. He takes one out and eats it. “Crunch.” 

“Really?” the mother asks. “During my ultrasound?” But each time he pulls one out, the baby on the screen reacts, reaching for a chip himself. The father gets a kick out of it. The mother is not amused.

I won’t describe how it ends. You’d have to see it. It was great, at least I thought so.

According to the Denison Form*, not everyone thought so. NARAL Pro-Choice America immediately tweeted their complaint about the ad’s “antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.” Their complaint was logical: when people see a fetus acting human, they are less likely to support abortion.

But ethicist Robert Joyce says this: “At any given moment, a whole living substance—be it a peach tree, a rabbit, or a person—either is or is not alive. . . . There is no such thing as a potentially living organism.”

Again, according to Dr. Jim Denison, by the fourth week of a baby’s life in the womb, the brain, spinal cord, and heart begin to develop. At six weeks, the skeleton is complete, facial features begin to form, and brain wave patterns can be recorded. At eight weeks, all organs are functioning and all systems are intact. At twenty weeks, the unborn child has functioning vocal cords, sucks her thumb, kicks, and grasps with her hands. She feels pain more intensely than we do.

In other words, we don’t need Doritos to “humanize” fetuses—God made them that way. If we don’t appreciate this fact we will fail to honor and value the miracle of life as much as our Father does. 

Here are some ways you can honor the miracle of life:

One: Treat every person you meet as a unique creation of God. 

Two: Help provide for mothers and children in need.  

Three: Pray for women (and men) to learn to abstain, to not put themselves into the position of creating a new life until they are ready to nurture and to protect it in a stable home. This is God’s will and plan. No harm ever comes from it.

Four: See yourself as God sees you. Psalm 139:14 declares that you are “wonderfully made” You matter to God. Your heavenly Father considers your eternal life worth the death of his Son.

This Lent, hold together the miracle of life, its brevity, and the truth of God’s love. Embrace Lent like you were going into training: with a spiritual diet of God’s Word, stretching your faith, firming up your zest for life, and deep knee bends (repentance) for doing what is most convenient, instead of what is most godly.  

Fr. John

*The Denison Forum on Truth and Culture is written by Dr. Jim Denison. The above material was taken and edited from that blog.  

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